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Write For Us

Would you like to write Photoshop Tutorials, News, or Tips and Tricks for Photoshop Helps?  We'd love to have your guest posts.

We do have a few guidelines:

1) We ask that the work is yours, and that by submitting a tutorial to us to publish, you are acknowledging it is your work and that we have the right to post it to our blog, site, facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

2) We ask that if you submit a tutorial to us and we use it, that you not post it anywhere else online, not even on your own portfolio.

3) Please make tutorials well written, easy to understand, and bursting to the brim with information.  Since these are Photoshop tutorials, it would be very helpful if you had screenshots of every step for us to put into the tutorial.

4) We do not accept tutorials that contain: nudity, cursing, racism, anti-religious sentiments towards any religion, or illegal activity.  If you're uncertain what is an appropriate tutorial to submit, then ask, and we'd be happy to help you choose an appropriate topic for a tutorial!  Remember, we aim to cover everything from the basics, to the most advanced topics in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, so if you've got an idea, we'd love to have you write about it!

Please note: We do not accept all tutorials.  Your tutorial is not guaranteed to be published just because you submit it to us.

What guest authors get in return:
  • 3 do-follow backlinks to their url.  One at the top of  the guest post, and two at the bottom in the author's bio.  Please submit a 2-3 sentence author bio with each article you submit to us, along with the 1-3 urls you wish us to link to.  Urls are also subject to point #4 above.
If you'd like to submit a guest post, fill out and submit the form below.  Please note, we do not share your e-mail, and will not spam you.  Your e-mail will only be used to contact you about your potential guest post.

Email Address:
Website/s you would like linked back to (up to 3)
Post Title
Post Body (Paste your post here)
Links to any images you would like used in your post (images must be appropriate and non-copyrighted images)
Please write up to three concise sentences that will serve as your bio if your guest article is published.

Create a web form here


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