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Below are many helpful tutorials to get you going in the right direction to being a Photoshop Guru.

Know of a great tutorial online?  Post the link in a comment below!  Help contribute to our Photoshop Helps community!

Best Tutorials of Feburary 2011

3-D Layers (Video)
3-D Splashes
Add Animation to Grahpics (Video)
Add Video to Graphics (Video)
Advanced Galactic Scene CS5 (Video)
Background Eraser (Video)
Background Removal (Video)
Better Inking In Photoshop (Video)
Clone Stamp and Manual Cloning (Video)
Concept Art (Video)
Covering Your Mistakes (Video)
Creating Brushes
Creating Tears
Curves (Video)
Curved Lines In Photoshop Elements (PSE) (Video)
Custom Brushes (Video)
Distort, Warp, and Layer Effects (Video)
Downloading Brushes (Video)
Downloading New Fonts (Video)
Eye Coloring (Video)
Fantasy Painting Part 1 (Video)
Fantasy Painting Part 2 (Video)
Filter, Liquefy (Video)
Glass Effect (Video)
Grungy Poster (Video)
Layer Basics (Video)
Lomo A Photo With Actions (Video and Written)
Patch Tools and Levels (Video)
Paths and Masks (Video)
Rocking Silhouette (Video)
Roundup - Awesome Text Effects
Roundup - Best Zombie Tutorials and Resources
Roundup - 20 Creepy Halloween Tutorials
Roundup - The Most Amazing Retro PSD Tuts (Videos and Written)

Select Color Range (Video)
Silhouettes Part 1 (Video)
Silhouettes Part 2 (Video)
Slice and Export a Website Layout (Video)
Supernatural Text Effect
Tech Backgrounds
Tech Borders
Tech Pipes
Textures Grunge
Tools: Gradients
Vanishing Point (Video)
Vector Shapes
Vista Styled Wallpaper


  1. I really really want to know how to make my cat look like the cat on this page! Which tutorial is for that?

    1. Oh dear, I can't seem to find that tutorial. I thought it was on here. Here is another zipper tutorial that might interest you however:

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  10. What tutorial should I watch after I have understood how to remove and change a background - but now i want to learn how to make everything go together etc

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