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Roundup - 20 Creepy Halloween Photoshop Tutorials

With Halloween not far off, I figured it was high time for a round up of the 20 spookiest Photoshop Tutorials.  Whether you're making an e-card, posters for a party, or just need to do some old-fashioned photo touch-ups of yourself, this is the Tutorial round-up for you.  We'd love to see examples of your work if you follow any of these tutorials, or if you have other creepy Photoshop images, so give us a link in a comment!

Create an Urban Horror scene

Make Evil Eyes in Photoshop

Make An Evil Eye (Video Tut)

Make A Severed Arm

Make a child look evil

Make a person have burning flesh (Easy)

Make a person with decaying flesh

Make A Ghostly Visitation Scene

Create A Dramatic Inky Knight 

Make A Halloween E-Card (Advanced)

Make a spooky Pumpkin Wallpaper

Paint With Fire

Make a creepy landscape (Advanced)

How to turn Tom Cruise into an alien (Advanced)

Make A Creepy Halloween Background (Advanced)

How to make a skull face (Easy)

Create creepy skin text

Turn a landscape into a freaking awesome Alien Invasion (Advanced)

Turn Gwen Stefani into a Vampire (Easy)

Create A Post-Apocalyptic Scene

Also don't forget to check out our post on Halloween Fonts!

Know of other awesome creepy tutorials?  Post a link in a comment below!



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