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Installing Fonts on PC

Tired of the same old default fonts on your computer? Why not install some new ones? (See bottom of post for video).

Time needed to complete this process: 2-10 minutes

1) To start with go to a free font website such as and choose a font from their list that you want to install. Click the download button (this is pretty much the same for most free font websites). Depending on your computer you may need to click "Save as" if the option comes up. Do not simply click "open".

2) Once the folder is saved to your computer, open it. Somewhere on the left there should be an option to "Extract all files" click this button. An Extraction Wizard will come up. Don't mess with the options, just keep hitting "next" until the "finish" button comes up, then click "finish". A new folder should open up and you should see an icon with two T's overlapping. The file name should be something like nameoffont.ttf

3) Next open up your control panel. On Windows XP this is done by going to "Start" --> "Control Panel". In the Control Panel open up the folder that says "Fonts". Once this folder is open, drag the ttf file that you just extracted (the one that has two overlapping T's on the icon) from that folder to the "Font's" folder. This will install the font file on your computer.

4) Congratulations! You now have a new font on your computer. Depending on some computers, some may need to be restarted before the file will show up in applications such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop.


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