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Roundup - Best Zombie Photoshop Tutorials And Resources

Do you need zombify a photo of yourself or a friend for Halloween?  Maybe you just want to prove that Dan Radcliffe, or Hugh Laurie really are zombies.  This is the roundup post for you.  Introducing the best and most horrifying Photoshop zombie tutorials and resources on the web!

Zombies often have severed limbs.  Learn how to create them with the following tutorial:

You can't have pristine skin if you're a zombie.  Check out the following tutorials on how zombify your skin:

Adding Flesh Wounds

Overall Zombie Tutorials:

Free Resources:

Wounds Brushes:

Blood Brushes:

Don't forget to check out these 30 Horrific Halloween Fonts to complete your zombie image!

We hope these zombie tutorials and resources have helped you to create a goulish photo.  If they have, then let us know in a comment below, and link to your new zombie creation!  Don't forget to subscribe and share!



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