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Posted by JATomlinson | 7 comments

Better Inking In Photoshop

It's finally here!  A better way to ink your drawings in Photoshop. Not only fast and easy, but also satisfying!

Know of another great photoshop tutorial? Post a link in the comments below!



  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not as versatile as using vector based programs but it sure beats the heck out of learning another program plus it does a very good job, what's not to like??!!?

  2. Emmanuel, you're welcome! I just learned the method myself, and as always, wanted to share it with everyone else out there! Share the page with your friends to spread the word!

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  4. You made this vdo tutorial ???? wow thats really impressive. Its so much usefull for newbies like me.
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  5. Great tutorial. I'm kinda new to the photoshop scene but i managed to create some sweet new thinks with this. Thanks.

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